Briefly on Wannsee

20 January 2022
Residence of the Mayor of Prague,
Mariánské náměstí 98/1, Prague 1

The Briefly on Wannsee discussion session was the recollection of a “routine working meeting” of fifteen SS officers regarding the logistics of the Final Solution to the Jewish Question.

On 20 January 2022, we offered two general questions to our selected guests:
What is the essential legacy of the Wannsee Conference for you?
What can its course, outcome, and substance communicate to us in terms of our understanding of the current situation of the globalised world?

The invitation was accepted by: Petr Fischer, Fedor Gál, Pavel Kosatík, Petr Koura, Petr Pithart, Jakub Rákosník, Karol Sidon, Jakub Szantó

For a recording of the session, please click here.

We are pleased that all participants considered it an honour to speak, and they all considered the seven-minute format of the presentations to be suitable in order to break the usual pattern of events of a similar nature.